FAQs - Schröter Amplification Point to Point wired Amps Bavaria/Germany

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Where can you test the amps currently?
In the workshop where they are produced, at the following address:
Schröter Amplification
Schulgasse 3
85614 Kirchseeon

By appointment by email, kontakt@schroeteramplification.de
or just call, +49 (0) 8091 2191

Can I bring my own cab, etc. for testing?
Of course you can bring your own cab. This also applies to an existing amp that you want to hear in comparison or for effects, rack, pedalboard, Looper, Midiswitcher, cables, (guitar roadie ;-) to be tested in conjunction with the amp. Your own guitars do not have to, but should be brought along!

How long is the delivery time for amps?
Normally, handmade to order, according to the principle: "first come, first served"! Still, an amp may just happen to be in stock or may be ready in the near future. Otherwise, the average delivery time is between 6 and 12 weeks.

How can I order an amp, etc.?
For an order, please send a billing address by email. Then an invoice returns as a PDF over (at least) half of the total price. If the respective amount is then transferred, the order is binding and the agreed delivery time applies from now. The remaining amount is then due before delivery, so it must be transferred in advance or is simply brought along with the collection in cash (no card payment possible).

Does a footswitch have to be ordered at the same time?
No! If an amp is to be controlled via Midiswitcher, etc., you do not need to order a footswitch. If necessary, it can be bought later.
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